Granny's Embrace

As the rain poured, the mangled door opened all the pain from the crisis in the face of a young girl, who was carrying her backpack and calling for her grandmother:” Granny, there are guests at the door!”

Filled with wrinkles, each of which carried embedded stories and worries, Grandmother M went through so much pain throughout the years, whereby she suffered from displacement, poverty, and worst of all, the loss of her son, who left her with his four daughters.

However frail, granny M did her best to take care of her granddaughters, the eldest of whom was a fifth-grade student. One of them suffered from a lump in the brain that led to a disability in the right hand and foot, and another from vision impairment, and the youngest from a seizure due to a previous fall.

A soon as SSSD’s facilitators heard of the unfortunate family’s situation, they rushed to help them. Surprisingly, though, the grandmother refused their help.

Consequently, the team had to respect granny M’s wishes, and helped by providing stationery and some winter clothes to protect the granddaughters during winter, trying to bring the smile back to their faces.
The little girls expressed their happiness by saying: "How beautiful we became! We are now wearing nice clothes, just like our friends…."

Also, granny M thanked SSSD, who in turn, respected her desire and thanked her back for being there for her four flowers, and helping them with all her might.