A lot has changed between the previous and present Eid.

“Together to Build a Promising Generation” was the title of the two-month event carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development team at the Arab Cultural Center in Kafr-Souseh.

A training on Psychosocial Intervention through Puppetry was conducted in Masyaf on May 1, 2019 and attended by 25 trainees, working mostly with children and adolescents.

The WASH team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted a cleaning campaign, benefiting 1000 individuals in the neighborhood surrounding Community Center.

Out of the belief of the important role women play in the community and in honor to women’s contribution, the Syrian Society for Social Development team, Lama’et Dahab, conducted an event “Equality for a Better Tomorrow” celebrating international women’s day at Al-Zahira Center, Damascus, with the participation of 88

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) provided the municipality of Jaramana City with solid garbage collection tools, under the umbrella of its WASH program.
SSSD team regularly visited the municipality, continuously meeting with the head of municipality and PIC, and upon conducting area needs assessment the following tools were bought: 240- liter plastic garbage containers, 100 street brooms, and 100 dustpans.

“When we look at her now we can hardly believe our eyes!”
Thus said the mother of 8-year-old Inas, a girl with special needs, mental retardation and speech disorders. She currently lives with her family composed of 5 people in the Unfinished Buildings in extremely difficult living conditions after they were expelled from Rural Damascus (Hazzé).

Five-year old Ahmad had development problems, nerve shortness, a mild cognitive retardation, and a hydrocephaly that affected the auditory nerve and hearing.
Ahmed lived in Jaramana, Daff al-Sakher, within a family of five, displaced from Aleppo, in a rented house under harsh material and health conditions.

WASH team, SSSD, Al-Hameh conducted a cleaning campaign encircling the building of Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Juvenile Center, Rural Damascus, collecting garbage and transporting it to a landfill.

WASH team, SSSD, Al-Zahera Damascus conducted an event in the Thalassemia Center about teeth care targeting 68 children, Thalassemia patients. The event included: a question-answer contest about teeth care, a dance, games, drawing and painting, and displaying an awareness raising video about teeth care.