Together to Build a Promising Generation—Lam‘et Dahab Center, al-Zahira, Damascus

“Together to Build a Promising Generation” was the title of the two-month event carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development team at the Arab Cultural Center in Kafr-Souseh. The event came as the series of activities’ closure of the Child Protection Programme implemented at the Lam‘et Dahab Center, in cooperation with the Damascus Health Directorate and the Polyclinic Centre, Diabetes Department.

The event brought together local community children with their diabetic peers, and comprised a group of acts presented by the participating children, including drama sketches, dancing, choir singing and taekwondo katas. The audience, which comprised caregivers and locals, as well as the Health Director in Damascus and a group of doctors working at the Ministry of Health, cheerfully interacted with the children’s performances.

At the end of the event, one of the caregivers shared her joy for participating and stated her opinion by saying, “I am thrilled that my son boldly went on stage and talked about the everyday suffering diabetic children go through. Thank you for this opportunity.”


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