Sterilization and Awareness-Raising Campaigns in Bab Al-Hadid -Aleppo

Drawing on the saying, prevention is better than cure, and in response to the national preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19, the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted a disinfection and awareness raising campaign for two days in Bab Al-Hadid, Aleppo.

The Gender-Based Violence team attached to Arabesque Community Center led the campaign in cooperation with Al Mukhtar and a committee formed by the inhabitants, disinfecting places of social gatherings, including Qadi Askar Neighborhood, Al Zura Bakery Oven, Al Mukhtar office and adjacent commercial shops, Aghur and Bayyadah blocks, Almaji Neighborhood, and the Syrian Trade Corporation Hall in Jeb Quba.

Further, some women attached to SSSD’s women committees reached out to 27 individuals distributing soaps and awareness raising brochures about prevention and protection measures against COVID-19.

Here are some comments made by the inhabitants:
• “We really appreciate your concern about our safety and protection. We feel more responsible, after the disinfection works you conducted.”
• “I used to hear that COVID-19 is a pandemic; however, I did not know the ramifications of social gatherings. We should all spread awareness to protect the largest possible number of people.”
• “Even though this force majeure had its toll on every one, it did not stop you from being kind. The soap you distributed came right on time to protect us against this deadly virus.”