Home-based Care for Seniors: Awareness session on the Importance of Psychosocial Care for Older Persons – Shams Community Center, Aleppo

With the progression of age, a person faces an increasing number of major life changes that affect his mental health, including job changes, retirement, and loss of loved ones. Proper handling of these changes is key to staying healthy.

 That’s why the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with UNHCR, decided to implement a session on the importance of both the psychological and social care for the elderly within the home rehabilitation program for the elderly at Shams Community Center, Aleppo.

Importance of Psychological and Social care for the Elderly - Shams Community Center 1

The session targeted caregivers, and included a communication game and a video presentation on the role of the elderly in the lives of his children and how the children can pay back for what their parents provided for them all these years ago.

 Then, a scene about the mistakes of dealing with the elderly was presented, followed by a classification of positive and negative methods in dealing with the elderly, using emojis.

“We usually decide everything for the elderly, without even minding their opinion. I learned that we must ask to hear what they think and ask to see if they are comfortable or not.” One caregiver commented after the end of the session.