Gender-based violence: "Yes, We Can" initiative - Aman Center for Supporting and Empowering Women – Aleppo

With the aim of encouraging women to continue their education and facilitating their efforts in applying for a certificate of basic education, and by networking with the Directorate of Culture in Aleppo, the mobile team of the Aman Center implemented the initiative (Yes, We Can) in Aran area in the countryside of Aleppo.


During the awareness sessions, the women expressed their desire to complete their education, and talked about the difficulty of moving from their village to the city of Aleppo to conduct the probing process.

Therefore, they were transferred from Aisha village to the Aman Community Center for probing, in the presence of the head of the Adult Education Center and the Secretary of the Party Division in the city of Al Bab.


The initiative was jointly carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations Population Fund / Syria, and was part of a plan to expand the services of the Aman Center to include the surrounding villages.


After the women succeeded in probing and were accepted to go through the certificate of basic education, they shared their following thoughts with us:

“The educational sessions we took helped us a lot with answering the probing questions.”

"You have helped us tremendously to be able to finally take that exam. We had wanted to take it for a long time, but it was difficult to reach the centers in the city of Aleppo"

"Our confidence has increased in ourselves and our capabilities and in the fact that we can reach whatever we want with the right education, no matter how old we are and no matter how difficult the circumstances."