conducted an activity for a group of IDP women staying in the collective shelter

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in sponsorship by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, conducted an activity for a group of IDP women staying in the collective shelter, Al-Liwa School in Al Siahee Neighborhood.

SSSD team attached to Beit Al Kel Community Center, Al Qamishli conducted the activity, with the aim of getting to know the women, assess their needs, and introduce the services SSSD offers.
The women talked about the hardships they faced during their internal displacement.

One woman said that she was facing many difficulties since she had to provide for her children and carried on that her kids faced school adaptation problems. She also highlighted the fact that most IDPs were rich; thus, their hardships doubled during the war for losing all of their property and belongings.

Another woman opened up her heart about her feelings; she felt humiliated for repeated internal displacement to several areas, giving an example of one service provider who put 80 families in one school that only had 8 rooms. She said that she was denied of her privacy and that she was not able to rest, because there were many men around in the same rooms. "I was not able to take off my Hijab, even though it was very hot during summer."

A third woman used to hide behind her kids while lying down to ease off her back pain.
Most women talked about their inability to cope with gypsy families who have very different customs in terms of cleanliness and being very open.