A Community Initiative to Make Wooden Beds for Newborns

In an effort to help the local community solve its problems, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) team, in cooperation with UNHCR, implemented an initiative to make wooden beds for newborns as part of the Community Initiatives Programme at the Amal Community Center - Hay Al-Fardoss, Aleppo.

The initiative aimed at protecting newborns from rodent harm, reducing the community’s financial costs due to the increase in prices, and minimizing the accumulated costs of having children.

During the initiative, wood was cut according to the agreed lengths, and then assembled to make beds. Later on, mattresses were made, and the complete beds were distributed to pregnant women and newborns.

A number of carpenters from the local community participated in the implementation of the initiative, as well as some beneficiaries of the Livelihood Tool-kit Programme. In addition, a number of Hear-My-Heart women participated in making mattresses for each bed. The total number of the initiative’s beneficiaries was about 56 families.

In conclusion, the interaction was positive and significant during the initiative, whereby the carpenters showed great enthusiasm during the working days. One of them said: “Your initiative is bringing us back the hope of our country to heal and recover from the crisis. I am proud to be with you and participate.”

Also, one of the women said during the distribution of beds: "Al-Hamdou Lillah, thanks to God, and thanks to your beds, my children are now protected from rodents that filled our house and made us worried."