A community initiative entitled Equipping a School in Touq El Meleh Village, Al-Hasakeh

With the aim of supporting the educational process in rural areas and protecting children from the dangers of moving from Touq El Melh village to the city to enroll in schools as a result of school closures in Touq El Melh village, as well as protecting them from the dangers of school dropout and the resulting ambiguity of the children's future and their entry to work at an early age.

The Syrian Association for Social Development, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented a community initiative entitled Equipping a School in Touq El Melh Village, where a group of teachers living in Touq El Melh village donated one of the author's houses Of three rooms to equip it as a school in the village for elementary school students after taking the necessary approvals to approve this school from the competent authorities, as the house was equipped with all the requirements of tables, chairs, panels, greenhouses and a water tank, and suitable stationery for each stage of study was distributed to students in the school More than / 50 / children from the village benefit from this initiative, and the number may increase due to the enrollment of students from neighboring villages