Child Protection: Awareness session on remnants of war - Soran Cente -Hama.

In the context of raising awareness among children about the dangers of explosive ordnance and mitigating injuries, the Child Protection team from Soran Center of the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with the UNHCR, carried out an awareness session on the dangers of explosive remnants of war.

Awareness session on remnants of war2_0

 During this session children were introduced to the types of explosive remnants and how to protect themselves from them , their impact and warning signs, safe behavior, emergencies, and the necessity of reporting and warning on the toll-free number 108 of the Ministry of Interior.

Awareness session on remnants of war1_0.

The children shared their information about the dangers of war remnant where the facilitator, in turn, confirmed the correct ones and corrected the wrong ones.

 Awareness session on remnants of war3

The session was carried out through a group of auxiliary means such as “puppet theater - and a set of illustrations - a review of the most important warning signs - the distribution of a group of medals to urge not to approach the remnants of war.”