I'm special

Every human being has an individual talent that distinguishes him from the rest of the people, through which he can build and strengthen his self-confidence, it raise his human dignity and his ethics. All we have to do is to discover, develop and support these talents. Therefore, the Syrian society or Social Development in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had "I am special" event in the city of Aleppo on 27 and 28 of July 2018 on the occasion of the International Day of Youth Skills, the event provided artistic, musical and singing talents and collected all the beneficiaries of the Syrian Society for Social Development.
The training of the beneficiaries began on sing, dancing, casting, presenting and playing together on various musical instruments.
After two months of training, a number of really good talents were selected, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old.
The event included 250 presenter, 600 people from the children's parents and 30 varied performances. Children with disabilities participated in the performances, where they performed a number of dance and musical pieces.
The effect was positive on the children, where many of them said:
"this is my first time on a theater in front of people, and I am so very happy"
"I first discovered my talent with you, and then I worked to develop it"
"this is the first experience to me on the stage in front of my family, and I will continue to work on my talent"
"I thank SSSD team who helped us to discover our talents and develop our them"
"I now have confidence in myself, so that I stop in front of people face what I fear, and broke the barrier of shyness"
Many parents expressed their joy with their children and their talents, and that they will help their children develop and nurture their talents. The association will continue training for all children so that all children discover their talents , and then we will help them to strengthen an develop them.