Event: “Too early for us!”

“In order for the flower to bloom, it must grow under sunshine and be given all possible care. Our children are like flowers. They need so much love and care to exercise their rights properly. We mustn’t let child labor take away their childhood.”
On June 20, the world at large celebrates the World Day Against Child Labor to emphasize the importance of social protection in keeping children away from work. With SSSD’s commitment to raise awareness about CP-related risks, an event was organized, in cooperation with UNICEF, at the Dafa Center in Sett Zeinab, Rural Damascus. About 300 children and caregivers took part in the event in which the children attending awareness sessions during the past month performed songs and drama sketches carrying messages and key points to stimulate community discussion and dialogue on child labor.
The audience’s feedback heralded a new wave of hope to change the reality of child labor in this region.