Your Help was my Salvation

Mr. Kh N is a 36-year-old married man with four children residing in Mjarjaa. He had many failed attempts to improve his family’s life because of his employers’ exploitation and greed, which put him down and crushed his modest dreams.

Once he was spotted by one of SSSD’s outreach volunteers, the spark of hope was reignited and his life was turned upside down when the project of his dreams was approved.

Thus, Mr. Kh’s journey towards achieving his dreams began. During his journey, SSSD supported him both financially and psychologically and subjected him to a project management course. Afterwards, his project, which was a satellite dish shop, was launched.

The project changed Mr. Kh and his family’s life course through the income it has brought them, as they were finally able provide for their basic needs. It has also brought them stability and changed their lives positively, which was confirmed by Mr. KH:” This project is a new beginning through which I can support my family and live independently.”

"Their Help was my Salvation" is the principle from which Mr. Kh embarked on and that SSSD embodied.