A Woman Beating the Odds

A.A, an exhausted young woman born in 1988, her hardship is double her age. With her husband gone missing at the beginning of the crisis, she was responsible for raising up 4 kids.
Her younger child is suffering from Hirschsprung disease, a terminal disease. The child went through 6 consecutive surgeries, with his mom by his side day and night.
Her biggest setback was when she had to flee her home in Qudsaya City to a collective shelter, where she was exposed to a lot of abuse and extortion, and as a result she left the shelter renting a small home, accompanied by her mom.
She worked in all sorts of manual labor, namely, house cleaner, sales person in a supermarket, a cashier in a center, a secretary in a dental laboratory. Making little income, the mother went through tough times leaving her kids behind for long hours.
While conducting field visits, the ORV team of SSSD referred the woman to the Small Business Grants Program. Meeting the criteria of the program, she was enrolled in the business entrepreneur training course to acquire planning skills to successfully manage her future project. Breaking her leg on the first day of the course did not stop her from completing the course, and later she attended the panel interview, at which her project proposal was approved.
It was easy to notice her eyes shining again… the woman launched Shahed Shop for Detergent Supplies with an approximate distance to her home.
After a while, SSSD team visited the woman in her shop, where she expressed her happiness of the project that brought in light into her life, providing her with high self-confidence and independency. She was thankful to the Syrian Society for Social Development for offering her the means to provide for her family and treat her very sick son.