Vocational Training Program: A Success Story, Adra

Mrs. M.M. is mother to three children. Displaced from Ghouta, she currently lives in the city of Adra. She is definitely a woman head-of-household, as her husband has been missing for four years now.

She used to work as a cleaner in houses and factories to meet her and her family’s basic needs in terms of clothing, food and education—ending up with a herniated disc due to the unbearable strain she was under.
Through the SSSD case manager, Mrs. M.M. was referred to the Vocational Training Program to learn a career that would help her improve her livelihood.

She was selected for a course in hairdressing and beauty care at the Farah Community Center, Adra, where she learned the basics of women’s hairdressing and beauty care in all details.

Soon enough, Mrs. M.M. began to market herself on social media and started working at home. Her income soon improved noticeably—to meet all the needs of her home.

She is now thinking about opening a salon in cooperation with one of the beneficiaries, as her work has been well received by many women from the local community.