A Vocation for a New Life

Souad is 60. She fled Aleppo to Rural Damascus, Jaramana, with eight married children. Displacement forced them to live and their families together with their mother in the same house. With the deteriorating living conditions, the family faced material hardships and financial pressures and, soon enough, problems caused by cramming so many people in a small space surfaced and made things even worse.
Having been monitored by ORVs, Souad came to know about the services offered by the SSSD Community Center in Jaramana and expressed her wish to enroll in vocational training and learn a trade in order to secure an extra income and support her large family.
In the sewing workshop she showed exemplary commitment and enthusiasm for learning.
Yet, Souad suffered from a sight problem in her eye, which made it difficult for her “to chain-stitch,” to use her technical wording. But she insisted on learning, asking the trainer for help. The latter did not hesitate to explain at length things pertaining to design and cutting methods. Her fellow beneficiaries were also too willing to help.
Souad responded to the sincere help. Things became easier over time and the problem of her eye became less oppressive as she grew accustomed to sewing techniques.
The trainer and her fellow beneficiaries noted Souad’s spectacular progress, which prompted them to encourage her more by asking her to help with the clothing design.
By now Souad could hardly wait for course hours to come, learning how to accept everyone’s attentions with gratitude. She became more sociable and friendly. Soon this good influence spread to her family as well.
At the end of the workshop, Souad informed us of her wish to open a small private business in clothing design and sewing along with other fellow beneficiaries. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Community Center and to all those who helped her benefit from the service, both professionally and humanely.