Seeing Life through a new lens

Wafaa is a 51-year-old woman, married, with two daughters, who used to live in Jobar and work as an elementary teacher. The family suffered from financial hardships, the husband had to sell the house and buy a small house in Jaramana. During the crisis, the house was completely destroyed by a mortar shell. As a result, the family was forced to rent out a small house.
Via word of mouth, Wafaa heard of Al- Wiam Center and the provided services. She visited the center requesting support to solve her differences with her husband.
She was referred to the GBV case manager, who interviewed her. She explained that she was married at 21 without her parent’s blessings. In the beginning her relationship with her husband was good; however, their financial distress and constant movement from one place to another negatively affected them and triggered problems between the couple. The husband started abusing, beating, and humiliating his wife in front of their kids. He even caused permanent back injury to her. Their intimate life almost ceased and he violently had sex with his wife on rare occasions.
This harsh reality was negatively reflected on the lady’s relationship with her kids and the whole family. She suffered from substantial psychological pressures and a huge disappointment, as she was not able to maintain a perfect family.
Wafaa was referred to the psychological section for support. Her workplan covered the following:
-overcome the shock, being verbally and physically abused by her husband.
-Assert the positive aspects of her personality.
-Compare the pros and cons of her relationship with her husband to reach a conclusion regarding their marriage.
-Regulate sleeping time and take regular walks.
-Practice relaxation techniques.
She was also enrolled in the women sessions and GBV campaigns, those interventions had positive impact on the lady and her relationship with her husband and daughters.
Tracking Wafaa’s case, our interventions had big impact on her. We quote her:
“I am able to communicate with my husband and deal with his anger. My relationship with my daughters is better. I used to come to the center with my head filled with negative thoughts. The sessions worked as a magnet that pulled my negative thoughts and charged me with positive thoughts. My spirit was revived and each passing day I came back home showing love to my daughters and husband and offering new gestures. Gradually, I re-communicated with my friends, whom I hardly contacted in the past, due to my psychological situation. I learned about women rights and children rights, and I advise women suffering from GBV to seek help from this center to regain control over their lives.”
Today, Wafaa is an active member in the women’s committee. She plays a critical role and participates in all the campaigns, encouraging women to learn about their rights and claim them.