Overcoming the obstacle

Mr. E is a 28 years old man who has a physical need, and live with his mother, sister, wife and three children in Al Ashrafieh area.
To be responsible for supporting his mother, sister, wife and three children, tailoring was the best profession for him. His hand was disabled and he did not need to use both hands together. That did not last long anyways because the war hit everyone. He lost his job and his brother, who was always a support for him, and now he is responsible for his brother’s family too.
He was forced to work hard works that were not suitable with his handicapped hand, in order to provide his big family's live. During the preliminary evaluation visits of the volunteers of the Syrian society for Social Development in Al Ashrafieh area, the young man was identified and nominated for a small grant.
He applied for the project management course, and he was successful in terms of commitment, mental presence and the outputs that he reached at the end of the training. After the final interview, he was chosen to receive a small grant. He chose his old profession, tailoring, which the war had taken it away from him before.
The young man came back to establish his dream, when he bought the materials he asked for like sewing machines. He is now more able to cope with his difficulties and challenges after he rented a house that he made it a workshop to work in. Believing that tomorrow is better after he has a material resource, he does not have to move between different jobs and now is able to secure the needs of his young children and his family, which has better clothing and food for its members now.
The grant did not stop with Abdullah, he was able to provide jobs for his relatives by involving them in the sewing work on the machines to expand the circle of beneficiaries of the grant, now it includes a larger number and also contributed to meet the needs of the area of sewing.
"My disability was not a hurdle on my way, I overcame myself every time I tired," he said.