Experience and Diligence

Mr. Z.S is 35 and married. He is the sole breadwinner for a family consisting of his wife, two children and his parents. The family has been displaced and lives now at al-Zahera district in a rented house. On top of that, he suffers from Bell's palsy (facial nerve paralysis).

He was monitored at al-Zahera and offered to go to SSSD to see what help he could be provided with.

Having extensive experience in the business, Mr. Zaher's burning wish was to restore his and his family's work in sheep breeding. He was first assigned to a small-business management and entrepreneurship course, before appearing before a special committee in the presence of a representative of the UNHCR. He then obtained approval for his project: selling sheep and dairy sheep products, to be implemented in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan.

Mr. Zaher proved a very active, unperturbed person, very enthusiastic and persistent in making his project a success. His first step was to transfer his residence to al-'Adawi area, where there are orchards and land suitable for raising the sheep that SSSD offered him. During the follow-up of Zaher at his home, his diligence and keen interest in the sheep's health and wellbeing were evident. He secured a suitable shed for the animals, brought them the veterinarian on a regular basis and benefited from his father's knowledgeable advice in sheep raising.

The visible impact of his work on the project's turn has been observed at all levels of his life: economic, social and domestic. He has become financially independent and able to meet his family's needs, and is growing more optimistic about life, hoping that the future would be a tiny bit more beautiful.

Today, thanks to Mr. Zaher's experience and diligence, he managed to secure a way for himself and his family towards dignified living after much suffering and patience in the face of poor conditions and hardships. Their story is for sure an example to follow ...