The Dream of My Life

If we go through the lives of every successful person, we would find that they all went through many sufferings and challenges, that contributed to their success.

Mr. Raed, an IDP from Ain Al-Fijeh, currently lives in a house for rent in Hameh, Rural Damascus. He is the sole breadwinner for seven people, including separated children.

Twenty years ago, Raed worked in the accessories industry, until he lost his workshop_ situated in Barzeh al-Balad_ in the midst of the crisis. Thus, he was unable to return to his profession due to the lack necessary materials, which made matters worse, especially regarding his financial situation.

Fortunately, he got introduced to SSSD through the Beit Al Salam Center in Hameh, where he resided, and presented a project on making accessories.

Mr. Raed underwent a training course in the management of small projects. He also underwent an interview which he excelled at, and demonstrated his ability to work and support his family.

Indeed, Mr. Raed received his own project on 11/11/2019, and started working on manufacturing many distinctive accessories that he presented to the merchants.

Thus, Mr. Raed entered the market directly, and began to meet the demands of many merchants. As his business grew and wasn’t able to work for all these demands on his own, he hired several women to work from home and help him.

Consequently, Mr. Raed’s life changed positively on all levels, and specifically on the financial one, whereby he confirmed by saying: “My project is becoming more successful and prosperous, just like a seedling that grows the more it’s being taken care of, and produces fruits. Now, I am able to provide for my family! Everything changed, and I became more self-confident. Currently, there is a boy who is working with me, and I am teaching him the profession of making accessories. Furthermore, 10 girls are working from home!”
He also added: "I still feel like I’m in a dream… except that this dream is actually my reality now! Now, I am aspiring to expand my work and become like these big merchants. This is my new dream, and hopefully, it will become true…”