A Dream Come True!

While monitoring the local community at al-Zahira district, we met Mrs. Samar al-Sayeq, 53, displaced from the Yarmouk Refugee Camp. Samar’s family consists of a husband who is ill (lumbar disc herniation) and unable to work, a sick son and his wife, and a repudiated daughter. All of them live together and have no source of income but selling bread in the street.
Samar used to sew, but having lost her sewing machine due to her displacement she became out of work. By following her up through several visits and building a solid relationship with her, it turned out that she needed a full sewing kit in order to get back to her work, which had been a precious source of livelihood for her and her family.
We told Samar that she could get the sewing kitbag after passing successfully an interview and test. Samar felt that this was a dream, not reality. After conducting the interview and the test, she was offered a professional kitbag, which included a sewing machine and all the accessory tools.
At first, Samer could not believe that the kitbag was really hers! Then, gradually, she realized, to quote her, that “dreams sometimes come true.” There she was, with a dream come true!
Samar thanked SSSD and the team, and prayed for everyone’s success. Her life will get a restart. She will contact her former customers to take up practicing her profession again and save her family from want and need.