A dream came true

Hanan is a woman with special needs. She is 38 years old. She lives with her sister in her family's home. Hanan suffers from polio which led to her disability, and she used a wheelchair, she relied on her sister's work in a library to pay for their living expenses.
When Hanan visited the center, she joined the group of people with disabilities who were committed to the group and liked to share with the volunteer and others.
They had a small grocery shop they had to sell to treat their father before his death, Hanan was monitoring for the small projects grant. After the monitoring, she showed excellent skills during the course and was granted a small project (Al Haneen shop). Hanan is the one who chose the name of the shop and chose the name of this story. She said that they returned the name of their former shop and obtained with her sister the source of income and guarantee for their future.
On the personal level, Hanan spoke of her great happiness for the people's look of her, her satisfaction and her sense of respect for the people and changing their perception of her, as she challenged her disability greatly and returned the name of their place and secured a source of income, as well as the opinion of the friends around her, which reflected her success on her relationship with everyone and her friends in the PWSNs group. All of this happened after getting this grant.
Hanan thanked the Association for its generosity and confidence in her ability, and said: "You really have noticed the people who are being marginalized and I will work to develop my shop”.