"Don't give me a fish but... teach me to fish!"

Ms. Al al-Kh, aged 27, is married and the mother of two children, one of whom has speech disorders and learning difficulties. Her husband, the children's father, cannot work because he is listed as a conscript reservist. The family was displaced from East Ghouta and lives in a rented house with Al.KH's parents. Unfortunately for her, she is her family's sole breadwinner, as her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her brother is still at school age.

Like innumerable Syrian families, Al.KH's fled to an unknown future in which they lacked shelter and everything. This led to poverty and the inability to provide for most basic needs, not to mention the psychological pressures associated with that. What made things worse for Al.KH was the deteriorating health of both her daughter and father. She tried more than once to improve her family's living conditions, but greed and exploitation of employers were unbearable for her, which strained her determination and failed her modest dreams.

When she was monitored by a SSSD ORV, a first spark of hope was ignited. The turning point in her life and the life of her family was when the project she had long dreamed of was approved!

Thus Al.KH's journey in realizing her dream began. During her journey, SSSD supported her both financially and morally. To begin with, she was offered a course in Small-Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Soon after, her project, a women's accessories and handbags shop, was launched.

The project has changed the course of life of Al.KH and her family. Thanks to a fairly handsome steady income, they are now able to provide for living needs and afford medical treatment for the family's patients. This has given them a sense of stability, which certainly changed their lives for the better. In Al.KH's own words, "This project is a new beginning for me. From now on, I can support my family and live independently."

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. How truly this proverb applies to Ms. Al.KH's case, reflecting on the ground thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Society for Social Development.