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Returnees to Khan Sheikhoun—Rural Idlib (2)

In response to the recent return of about 300 families to their homes in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development visited the city to form an idea about the overall situation of the newly returned families.

The SSSD team carried out a number of recreational and awareness activities for children. In parallel, they met with the people to monitor their basic needs and discuss with them the challenges they are facing after return in absence of most of daily living basic services in terms of health, education, water and sanitation infrastructure—and, last but not least, ERW in the area.

The team also monitored the vulnerabilities of most families and distributed little presents to the children present.




Return Movement to Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib


At the invitation of the Governor and the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor in the Governorate of Idlib, and in response to the people’s return to the city of Khan Sheikhoun / Rural Idlib, and in order to quickly assess the needs and identify the risks to returnee families, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) visited the city, collected data and assessed the needs.

The SSSD team also carried out some recreational activities for the children there and distributed toys and presents. In addition, they made a careful inspection of the city in order to assess the damage and determine the infrastructure that need restoration/rehabilitation (schools, power and water infrastructure, sewerage network, public clinics…), so these can constitute protection factors for the returning families.


Reportage About Emergency Humanitarian Response in Idlib