Voiceover Skills Training - Aleppo

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in partnership with the UNFPA, and with funding from UNESCO, trained 40 young men and women in the skills of voiceover that would open up a modern and popular field of work for them. In fact, the training was part of the first practical plan to introduce the sound equipment used in professional studios and a breakthrough for trainees in the field of voiceover acting.

During the training, a number of books and articles were selected by the Syrian Blind Care Association to be recorded. Indeed, at the end of the training, eight young men and women recorded the books in a professional studio.

The recorded audio books were presented as part of an Audio Library to the Syrian Blind Care Association in an official ceremony attended by Dr. Seiko Sugita, Programme Specialist in Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO, Beirut.





Voiceover actor(s)

Thorn Paradise


Tāha Hussein

Dār al-Maʿāref

Abdu-l-Karim Tazkera-ji

About Western Theatre

Literary criticism

Tāha Hussein

Dār al-ʿIlm lil-Malāyīn

Esrāʾ al-Ahmad

Epistle of Bliss

Epistolary narrative

Abū al-ʿAlāʾ al-Maʿarrī

Al-Mashreq E-Library

Muhammad Hādheri

Short Stories

Miscellaneous short stories


Internet harvest

Barāʾah Abu-Rās

Medical Information

Popular science article

Hiba at-Tabbāʿ


Yamām Kassār - Fātima Jauhar

Short Biographies of Abū al-ʿAlāʾ al-Maʿarrī and Tāha Hussein




Ayman ash-Shiblī

المسجل : عبد الكريم تذكره جي

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