Sterilization Initiative at the Centers of the Syrian Society for the Prevention of Blindness - Aleppo

The Syrian Society for Social Development conducted disinfection campaign for the Syrian Society for the Prevention of Visual Impairment. The campaign included raising the awareness level of the beneficiaries (especially visually impaired children) about the prevention means against Coronavirus, the ramifications of getting infected, how to discover infected cases and what to do.

The campaign also included carrying disinfection works and distributing hygiene kits in the premises of the NGO: the HQ Office in Al Sabeel Neighborhood, the Forum of Visually Impaired People in Al Jameliyyeh Neighborhood, and the Eye Care Polyclinics in Al Sakhour Neighborhood.

The Manager of the Syrian Society for the Prevention of Visual Impairment expressed his gratitude for targeting a marginalized group of the community, visually impaired children and their parents, and raising their awareness about the virus. Some beneficiaries expressed revealed their relief about the disinfection works, especially disinfecting children’s rooms.

100 families of visually impaired members benefited from the campaign.


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