Sterilization Campaign at the Ashrafieh Area – Mosaic Community Center, Aleppo

In response to the national preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Syrian Society for Social Development (the team responsible for Mosaic Community Center) conducted disinfection campaign in Al Ashrafiyye neighborhood.

The disinfection works covered 3500 m2 targeting the most crowded public facilities around the neighborhood, including the five bakery ovens (Kaakeh, Khindesh, Al-Zura, Al Sharq, and Al-Dar’uzi), Ashrafiyye Polyclinic, Syrian Trade Corporation Hall, Mukhtar office, and the grocery market. The disinfection works were conducted in cooperation with Al Mukhtar, members of Al Ashrafiyye neighborhood committee, and Syriac Service Sector which provided water cisterns to wash off the streets.

The team used sprinklers containing disinfectants and made sure to disinfect door knobs and metal bars. The team also pasted awareness raising posters about preventive measures against COVID-19 throughout the neighborhood.

The inhabitants of the neighborhood and shop owners were enthusiastic and participated in the works of the campaign, they washed off the streets and pavements, and disinfected their shops and building entrances. The inhabitants of Al Ashrafiyye expressed their gratitude for this campaign as it protects their families and children against infection risks and they praised its positive impact in instilling hope and assurance and spreading awareness.


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