SSSD Conducts Disinfection Campaigns in Bab Janin and Bab Al Faraj Neighborhoods Old Aleppo

Given the importance of the role of local NGOs in offering services and support to the community, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development responsible for Rozana Satellite Center conducted disinfection campaigns in Bab Janin and Bab Al Faraj in Old Aleppo in cooperation with Al Ihsan NGO.

The disinfection works targeted the high risk places where people of all social classes frequently gather. The areas covered: Souk Al Itmah (fish and meat market), Souk Bab Al Faraj (food supply shops and warehouses), Souk Sabon, fast food shops, Al Aqaba Bakery Oven, Bread Distribution Agent’s Office, Souk Bab Janin (approx.160 shop), Al Wafaa Pharmacy, Al Samour Halwa Factory, and Al Aqaba Mukhtar. As well as street vendor carts for groceries and nuts, and home doors. High-touch surfaces were disinfected and posters were distributed throughout the targeted areas to remind people of general safety and prevention measures.

The team made certain to disinfect the hands of shop owners, workers, and children. One child asked the team to disinfect his hands every day, so they seized the opportunity and explained to him how to disinfect his hands at home by thorough hand washing.

“It is the first time I disinfect my hands. The care and support you gave today and how you wear face masks and gloves, motivated me to continuously disinfect my hands and wear a face mask to protect myself, my family, customers and their families,” according to one worker.

Seeing the relief on people’s faces and recognizing it in their sincere words energize SSSD team and motivate them to keep giving. “We encourage carrying out such campaigns throughout all neighborhoods. Those campaigns should have been carried out long time ago and they should be conducted on regular basis,” as put by some of the inhabitants.