From Shams Community Center to Beit Al Eila Center, Elderly Women's Visit

"Oh guests coming from the distance. Your visit is sweeter than the nights of Eid."
"A warm welcome! Had we known earlier of your visit, we would have spread flowers all over the place."

With these beautiful sing hymns, the women from Beit Al Eila welcomed the women from Shams Community Center offering them flowers.

Aiming at reviving the spirit of friendship and strengthening social bonds among people coming from different backgrounds, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) organized a gathering for 30 women to celebrate the occasion of International Friendship Day.

The gathering included some singing, contests, and group games. Further, the women from Shams Center prepared and offered Tabuleh Halabia and Wark Enab, sharing its recipe with other women who loved the food.

The gathering was concluded by taking a group photo, which of women held hands to symbolize friendship and solidarity, with the hope of enjoying more upcoming gatherings.

A glimpse of the comments the women made means the world to SSSD team:
"I was so happy, I felt I was close to others and there is still goodness among people."
"Jazakum Allah Khair. On your joyful days, I will be there for you."
"You revived the old good days we have been missing. I hope you would organize more gatherings."