Gender-based violence: Stronger Together- Aman Community Center -Aleppo.

Gender-based violence threatens women and girls as well as men and boys all over the world, thus, preventing the creation of a safe environment. Mitigating this risk will be achieved through raising awareness and engaging men and boys in activities to combat violence against women and girls. in order to lead a life full of love and understanding and to achieve equal opportunities for both parties.


Based on the request of the women of the local community to talk with men about the issue of violence, its effects and risks, the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with United Nation Population Fund implemented an activity for men entitled “Stronger Together” at the Safe Space for Women’s Support in the Aran area in the countryside of Aleppo


The activity included a presentation of an acting scene explaining the importance of a man helping his wife to raise children and reduce household burdens and work on the land, in addition to clarifying the causes, factors and effects of violence.


The session contributed to strengthening the responsibility men feel towards women, so that they would be able to create a space of support and safety for them, and to stand by them in all of the different areas of their lives. At the end of the session, the attendees expressed their following thoughts:


"With a sweet, little word and a some act of help, we can actually support our wives and make them feel less tired for a change.’’


“No matter how difficult the circumstances are, violence has no justification, and we must respect women and confront these outdated customs and traditions and kiss them goodbye.”