Community-based Initiatives (CBIs)


CBI: “Our Trades”—Banias, Tartous

CBI  Our Trades -Banias, Tartous

Based on our belief in safeguarding traditional trades by transmitting the lore to younger generations, thereby protecting the latter from unemployment, the SSSD team in Tartous, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized a CBI entitled Our Trades.

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GCBI: Young Innovators-Banias, Tartous

GCBI  Young Innovators Banias  Tartous

This youth initiative was launched by a group of engineering faculties’ graduates and undergraduate students (in electricity, mechanics, electronics and computer science), with support from the SSSD team in Banias and UNHCR.

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CBI: To Give Is to Love-Banias, Tartous

CBI  To Give Is to Love—Banias, Tartous

Based on our belief in nurturing a “culture of giving” in society, and in order to protect children from fierce winter cold, the SSSD team in Tartous, in cooperation with UNHCR, launched a CBI entitled To Give Is to Love.

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CBI: Our Children—Banias, Tartous

CBI  Our Children—Banias, Tartous

Since learning is basically the inalienable right of all, and in view of our goal to remove all obstacles that hinder the integral growth and social integration of children with specific needs, the SSSD team, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized a community-based initiative entitled Our Children.

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madraste aman

madraste aman

Based on GBV standards and methods, and our belief in young women’s abilities to play an effective role in society. Moreover, aiming to protect them from intellectual abuse resulted by reading inappropriate states painted on the walls of the school.

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