Your care made us happy

Mrs. Rawda is a resident of the village of Jousa in the governorate of Hama. She is a widow and has seven children who have been displaced more than once. The house was stolen during their displacement and they were not present in the area. During the visit of the ORVs to them, they monitored the great suffering in washing clothes for her children, especially that three of them are still really young,
She said, "I have seven children. I work in the land to secure my child after the death of their father. I had a small washing machine, and it was stolen. I did not consider it a big loss till after I have been suffering from eczema and having the pain from the manual washing where I became forced to work for even more hours to cover my family's expenses and my medicine expenses.
The Syrian Society for Social Development team visited us at home and saw how much we need the washing machine, and after a period, they contacted with me and we got the washing machine. I only thank the Syrian Society for Social Development for what they gave me and my family, Where I no longer need to spend money on medicines and now I spending money only on my children, and my children's clothes came back as they were clean before. "