Clean water for safe life

Displaced from Raqqa, Salman’s family who currently live in a rustic rural room in the foothills of a mountain village of rural Banias, managed finally to secure fresh drinking water after receiving in-kind assistance from SSSD-Tartous, namely, a water tank with its necessary accessories.
Salman, who is the sole breadwinner of an eight-member family (including a war-disabled daughter who lost her foot due to the explosion of an AXO), asserts that the water storage tank secures his family safe, potable water for cooking and drinking, whereas they previously relied on a barrel which was only suitable for specific uses.
It is noteworthy that the SSSD team monitored the situation of the family, who suffer from severe shortage of living basic necessities, as they fled home in a panic and were therefore unable to bring along any supplies. Salman’s family wishes to be targeted with other in-kind assistance because of their dire need and extreme economic destitution.