For a better life

Iman , a 45-year-old mother of seven children and a provider for her family because of her husband physical disability due to age-related diseases of clotting and saccharin, this made him bedridden and suffering from many physical ulcers, the family fled from Soran to Idlib because of the war and returned when civilians were allowed to enter their houses to find her house destroyed. She lived in her sister's house after renovating herself, and she was exposed to many accidents during the restoration. The house lacked any basic necessities of life. She and her children suffered a lot of water transfer from a remote location because there was no reservoir or well nearby.
She visited SSSD community center in Soran and registered for a water tank and air mattresses for her sick husband. The volunteers visited her, met the family by seeing the children moving the water in the winter from a well away from home to put it in drums and open containers, use it for drink and food and for her sick husband and he is lying all day long.
After a short period of delivery of the tank and the air mattress, Iman expressed her gratitude and happiness for the alleviation of the suffering and that the exposure of her children to diseases due to open water and colds during the transfer of water will be much less.