Training on Psychosocial Intervention through Puppetry

A training on Psychosocial Intervention through Puppetry was conducted in Masyaf on May 1, 2019 and attended by 25 trainees, working mostly with children and adolescents.

The training aimed at introducing various types of drama games and Applied Drama and Theatre (ADT) models and methodologies. More specifically, games and methods were chosen so as to help adolescents restructure their memories and past experiences and seize opportunities to explore and find possible solutions for current problems.
The trainees were given the chance to apply in a safe space the drama exercises and games they had learnt.

This practical aspect of the training will certainly enable them to understand the course that an adolescent could possibly take during actual intervention. Additionally, the training also focused on the theoretical basis of those exercises—namely, the five-phase model of drama therapy sessions, the complex circle model and the growth and developmental EPR model (Embodiment-Projection-Role).