Thalassemia Heros -CBI

Thalassemia Heros

In a real story starred by epic heroes and heroines who lived in the shade. Their lives were nothing but struggle and fight against disease, who suffered in every sense of the word; nonetheless, they are still holding on to life, clinging to looms of hope. Out of the belief that all community members enjoy the same rights regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social class and that everyone has the right to proper healthcare and the right to receive treatment in proper facilities,
SSSD in partnership with UNHCR and cooperation with the staff of Al-Qamishly National Hospital carried out a CBI rehabilitating the Thalassemia section.
The CBI included cleaning up works, changing mattress covers, wall painting, installing an air-condition, TV and curtains, repairing serum stands and patient conveyance wagons. Upon completing the CBI works, an event was held honoring the staff hospital and many children suffering from Thalassemia.
The CBI was completed on 20 Oct 2018, benefiting more than 750 persons suffering from Thalassemia.