Ramadan breakfast tables, organized between SSSD and the local community at Arabesque Community Center.

موائد افطار رمضانية تمت بالتشبيك مع المجتمع المحلي في مركز ارابيسك المجتمعي

Ramadan breakfast tables, organized between SSSD and the local community at Arabesque Community Center.

Because Ramadan is the month of good and gathering of people, we had the idea of "Ramadan gathers us" events. The team of SSSD, in collaboration with the (UNHCR) office and by networking with people from the local community, prepared Ramadan breakfasts in Arabesque Community Center in Aleppo. The breakfasts gathered more than 1200 people. They were distributed on eight Fridays’ evenings that included family discussion about Ramadan and Eid rituals, a series of topics from the society provided by theater aims to support the families and to the community cohesion and in the region.

These breakfasts, with the help of young people from the region, returned to the people’s minds the gathering of large families. they expressed their joy as they said:
- Happiness is often a door open to the laughter of children, thank you because you shook the war’s dust and helped us to see the beauty of life.
-I haven’t felt the family gathering in the last five years, but today with you, I felt as if I’m in my house in the days of Ramadan before the crisis.
- We loved the way you welcomed us, and the play reminded us of our beloved people who are now far away.
- I was not able to get a breakfast like this for my children, and now I’m happy because they ate and had a good time.
- I feel like god have made my dream come true, I had a dram of sitting with you in some restaurant and feed you with my hand, and today my dream came true.
- I felt I’m in some European restaurant. I didn’t even imagen of sitting in a regular local one.
- thank you for shaking our fears and making us have the best time, God bless you. We feel like you’re family to us.
- Today, I had the time of my life, I did not expect to have this much fun, my children also had a lot of fun here. We felt like we are all a one big family.
- Thank you for taking the time to do this. You entered the joy to Kadi Askar and Bab Al Hadeed areas.
- I loved everything about today, I hadn’t have this fun sine 30 years.
One kid said “I saw these things on television before but I thought they were acting, I had the time of my life today, and it is real”.
-another kid said: “I haven’t had barbecue a long time a g. today I had them and they were delicious. I’m so happy”.
-One man said: “ the young people in the center are teaching us the meaning of volunteering and cooperation, you encouraged us to do and dream of stuff we didn’t think we could do them”.
-Another man said: “we felt the spirit of love and care we haven’t felt since the war began”.
-“thank your Arabesque center for all the things you’re doing, you’re developing the talents of children, adults and all ages"
-The people even mad a short song by saying: we had our breakfast, it was delusions. We even gave some to the neighbors. We had Eid cloths, and Ramadan gathers us.”