Initiative for the Protection of the Deaf and the Blind

During a visit to the Deaf and Blind School in Hama City, many difficulties were discussed in the school's educational process.
One of these difficulties is that blind children are sometimes combusted by winter heaters, and that children in general suffer from winter rains that fill up their classrooms and the hot sun rays in the summer. Within the framework of community initiatives, A team of young people with school staff, have come together to formulate a community initiative aimed at protecting children from the risks they face .
The initiative to protect the deaf and the blind was the manufacture of metal protections and installed in a manner surrounding the heaters, and coloring them in bright colors, in addition to the manufacture of external colored umbrellas works as protectors of the rain in winter and breakers to the sun rays in the summer.
Although it is a relatively short initiative in its duration (one month), but its effects last for all seasons.
Children, parents and teaching staff felt happy, because they would not be afraid of those dangers anymore.