CBI: Rass al-Nabe‘ Suspension Bridge clean-up—Banias, Tartous

CBI  Rass al-Nabe Suspension Bridge clean-up-Banias- Tartous

Hygiene is a mark of civilization, its absence a threat to human health. That is why the team of the Syrian Society for social Development (SSSD) in Tartous, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), organized a community-based initiative entitled Rass al-Nabe‘ Suspension Bridge clean-up.
The CBI consisted in eradicating the reed stalks that used to grow in profusion on both sides of the bridge, as the spot was infested with rodents and insects. It was also “infested” with few voyeurs who caused serious embarrassment for girls and women on their way to their schools and jobs. The CBI consisted in strengthening the metal railings on the bridge edges and the maintenance of its lighting equipment.
The initiative was implemented in cooperation with the residents of the area. 20,000 people benefited from it, including 3,000 IDPs, and was completed on 17/12/2017.