CBI: “Our Trades”—Banias, Tartous

CBI  Our Trades -Banias, Tartous

Based on our belief in safeguarding traditional trades by transmitting the lore to younger generations, thereby protecting the latter from unemployment, the SSSD team in Tartous, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized a CBI entitled Our Trades.
The initiative aimed to teach young men and women of the village of Shandakha the craft of soap handmaking with laurel berry oil. The idea was twofold: on the one hand, old craftsmen would transmit their knowhow to the young; and, by marketing the products at reasonable prices at the “Homemade Market,” people of the area would be protected against the monopoly of laurel oil exercised by some outsider tradespeople, on the other. In fact, the “Homemade Market” is one of SSSD’s decentralized projects aiming to secure a free place to display and sell products of the CBI. Beforehand, of course, young apprentices should follow a training course on the basics of project management and marketing.
The revenues of this initiative, which was completed on 7/2/2018, will be used to fit out a community space in the village of Shandakha, which is to become the villagers’ communal hall to meet and hold various social events.