16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

A number of awareness sessions and recreational activities were held at the Nabd Community Centre, as well as in the Salkhad area and surrounding villages to raise awareness about gender-based violence and other related issue. The occasion was seized to introduce the 16-day campaign against GBV, why the campaign was launched and for what purposes.

Teeth care

WASH team, SSSD, Al-Zahera Damascus conducted an event in the Thalassemia Center about teeth care targeting 68 children, Thalassemia patients. The event included: a question-answer contest about teeth care, a dance, games, drawing and painting, and displaying an awareness raising video about teeth care.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence December 2018 Rural Damascus

With a view to raising awareness about GBV-related issues, emphasizing the rejection of this and all forms of violence, introducing the concept and types of GBV, discussing its causes and consequences, proposing solutions to reduce it, and stressing the importance of reporting in case of exposure, the Syrian Society

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Because they are the most marginalized groups in the society and because they are in need of support and highlight their rights and in order to integrate them with their peers and try to change some misconceptions and create a generation that advocates for the rights of people with special needs, on the occasion of W

The Hygiene Train - Al-Hamah

On the occasion of the World Handwashing Day, the SSSD WASH team at al-Hameh, Rural Damascus, carried out an activity on hand hygiene entitled the Hygiene Train, which targeted a primary school. The event included various “stations,” each of which teaches the children the proper way and times of handwashing.

The Cleanest Classroom - Al-Hamah

The SSSD WASH team of al-Hameh CC, Rural Damascus, effectuated a visit to a primary school in the district. It was agreed with the administration to organize a Cleanest Classroom competition among the school classrooms. The students would clean up their classrooms and care too about the cleanliness of their clothes and bodies for a whole week. The prize consisted in a recreational activity that included games, dancing and singing with cartoon characters.

Child Marriage

“Even though I am happy with my life and my husband provides me with everything I need. Due to the fact that my parents forced me into marriage at the age of 15, I find myself against the idea of child marriage,” according to a beneficiary from Aman Community Center, Zibdiyye, Aleppo.

"Small Steps" Campaign and Events

With “small steps” and eyes gleaming with hope, the children filled the ceremonial halls in the governorates of Damascus, Sweida, Aleppo, Hama, Tartous, Homs and Hasakeh, where the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) is carrying out its activities.

World Day of Mental Health

On the occasion of mental health World Day, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the (UNHCR), organized an event in which we talked about the behavioral disorders of children (hyperactivity, anger, bullying). then presented each disorder through image theater and the ladies found solutions to the problems posed and explained more about the disorder.

SSSD League - Hama

Al Sadiq program is one of the most important programs that support the youth skills.