World Day of Mental Health

On the occasion of mental health World Day, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the (UNHCR), organized an event in which we talked about the behavioral disorders of children (hyperactivity, anger, bullying). then presented each disorder through image theater and the ladies found solutions to the problems posed and explained more about the disorder.

SSSD League - Hama

Al Sadiq program is one of the most important programs that support the youth skills.

Protection event: “I have the right to learn”Al-Salam Community Center

Education is a fundamental right of the child.A child begins to learn from the moment of birth through the special care and attention they receive from c

“Blessing of Life” event

It is our solemn duty today to honor Seniors-this group that played its part in community work and production, as well as its domestic role-by returning them the favor with the honors and appreciation they deserve.

The Child Protection Club participates in a community-based initiative: Bus Stops at al-Hameh

Resource provision to community is a source of tremendous motivation and encouragement towards self-reliance and autonomy. This is definitely SSSD’s approach to the empowerment of affected communities.

I'm special

Every human being has an individual talent that distinguishes him from the rest of the people, through which he can build and strengthen his self-confidence, it raise his human dignity and his ethics. All we have to do is to discover, develop and support these talents.

Self-realization at work

Based on the importance of supporting and empowering young people economically and believing in the need to involve everyone in the recovery of the society according to his desire and based on the need to involve women and enable them to activate their role in building communities in a better way, Syrian Society for Social Development team (SSSD)-Hama office in cooperation with

“Too early to work!” – A campaign and event against child labor

How many children you know who engage in jobs totally unfit for their age and physical ability? Children who do jobs that deprive them of their basic rights, like playing and education? And the number of working children whom you don’t know is far greater than those you know!

Event: “Too early for us!”

“In order for the flower to bloom, it must grow under sunshine and be given all possible care. Our children are like flowers. They need so much love and care to exercise their rights properly. We mustn’t let child labor take away their childhood.”

A Story of a Country

The difference of our culture is the secret of the richness of our country.
The Syrian society for Social Development in cooperation with the UNHCR organized the "A Story of a Country" event at Arabesque Community Center in Aleppo on the occasion of the International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 15 in the presence of 112 women from "hear my heart" and "old but gold" programs.