Together We are More Beautiful Event - World Autism Day

An idea that has been alive in our hearts for a long period of time and later came to life as a campaign that included awareness sessions for all age groups, elaborating on autism disorder.
Concluding the campaign, the sun shone brightly on an event held on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day. “Together we are More Beautiful Event was jointly held by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) and the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Al-Fourqa Al-Nouhasiyyeh and SSSD’s Choir launched the celebration and then children with special needs along with their parents, enrolled in SSSD’s programs, friendship groups and Home-Based Rehabilitation Programs, performed different shows (dancing, singing, acting, musical performance). During the shows the organizers conducted some contests and distributed rewards. The event was concluded by a special joyful song. Along with the organizers were the children of the child protection club attached to SSSD.

Here are some comments by the parents of the children:

“When I came back home, my son was so happy, I did not have to give him a tranquilizer, he quickly fell asleep.”
I was so surprised to see my shy child dancing; I find myself speechless to express my happiness; this day is a positive sign that good times are awaiting my child and I.”

“I was so touched watching the theater scene, tears fell down my cheeks remembering how the community used to reject my daughter. Had not have I been at the Syrian Society for Social Development in Aleppo, my daughter would have been living in isolation at home.”

“My daughter came back home and kept talking to her father about the celebration, how she danced and all the things she was involved in. I felt a lot of support today; in the past, I felt I was abandoned.”

“It is the first time I see my son happy and I see someone taking care of him. In the past, he was bullied and was subject to harsh words.”

“I love the way you take care of children, the very young ones and the older ones, even though there was large number of people, but you were always smiling and understanding.”