Old-But-Gold: “You are our Blessing”

Older persons represent a bridge that connects our past with our future. They are our blessing and ultimate source of experience and learning.

From that concept, SSSD in cooperation with UNHCR implemented a celebration entitled “You are our Blessing” on the international day of older persons, within the Old-But-Old programme. The Psychosocial Support Team at Athar al Farasha Center, Jaramana - Farah Community Center, Adra Al-Amaleya - Al Karama for the Elderly, Damascus, organized the celebration.

A total of 243 beneficiaries of the elderly participated in the celebrations, which included many interesting activities _Damascene ‘Arada’, brief introduction on the international day of older persons, competitions, games, shadow theater, folk songs_ as well as the elderly’s participation in playing the lute and reciting poetry.

The celebration included the participation the Protection Club adolescents in a chorus activity, which included folk songs, and playing the lute and tambourine.

The beneficiaries’ interaction was huge, many of whom expressed their happiness to be present and celebrate, especially the elderly from the Home Care programme for the elderly. One of them said: “Thank you so much for remembering us, and for alleviating our loneliness… It has been such a long time since we last enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time!” Another beneficiary expressed with tears running down his cheeks:” You are our children… You made our day and made us rejoiced!”