Because of the importance of integrating children with special needs with the normal children in the community center of house of family -Masiaf, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR and within the home rehabilitation program, hada merging activity after preparing the chi

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized courses on the basics of confectionary

The Beekeeping profession is known to be a great source of livelihood for young people as well as a profession that appeals to the rural populati

Children are the nucleus of society, the seed that we must care for and nurture with attention and love so that it…

After the huge efforts and the hard-working of the adolescents during the exams period, and the beginning of the…

A number of awareness sessions and recreational activities were held at the Nabd Community Centre, as well as in the Salkhad area and surrounding villages to raise awareness…

Words worth contemplating and reflection , Qamar, a 22-year old, an IDP from Jobar, lives with her family in a rented apartment in Al-Hameh and her father goes through hardship to make little income.

Hanan is a woman with special needs. She is 38 years old. She lives with her sister in her family's home.