Under the title (My smile is important for you), The Syrian Society for Social Development innorth Hama,Qamhaneh center, with the participation of children and their families celebrate the occasion of the World Day for people with special needs.The children preparedsmall gifts acc

Community- led initiative “Prevent Tooth Cavity and Head Lice for Children”, Athar Al-Farashah and Beit Al-Wiam community centers, Rural Damascus, Jaramana.

As part of the home rehabilitation program, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR, held an activityto integratea group of children with disabilities with a group of normal children, after preparing the normal children to meet up with the disabled

On the occasion of the World Handwashing Day, the SSSD WASH team at al-Hameh, Rural Damascus, carried out an activity…

The SSSD WASH team of al-Hameh CC, Rural Damascus, effectuated a visit to a primary school in the district. It was agreed with the administration to organize a Cleanest Classroom competition among the school classrooms. The students would clean up their classrooms and care too…

“Even though I am happy with my life and my husband provides me with everything I need. Due to the fact that my parents forced me into marriage at the age of 15, I find…

Wafaa is a 51-year-old woman, married, with two daughters, who used to live in Jobar and work as an elementary teacher

A 45- year old woman, Mrs. Souad lost her husband and currently lives with her son and daughter in-law.

While monitoring the local community at al-Zahira district, we met Mrs. Samar al-Sayeq, 53, displaced from the Yarmouk Refugee Camp. Samar’s family consists of a husband who is ill (lumbar disc herniation) and unable to work, a sick son and his wife, and a repudiated daughter.