The WASH team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted a cleaning campaign, benefiting 1000 individuals in the neighborhood surrounding Community Center.

Starting from our motto” on the margins and at the core” and the need to intervene in the most needed areas to secure protection factors for families, the work started in Sinjar / Rural Idlib, where the beginning was with implementing several focused group discussion sessions to assess the needs of families and then carried out a collective activi

In order to spare the people of al-Cadmus, both displaced and hosts, the trouble of waiting for public transportation vehicles, the SSSD-Tartous team, Beit al-Farah Center, carried out a community-led initiative to help them manufacture waiting benches and then install them in safe places within the Cadmus Bus Statio

Mona, a young woman with multiple sclerosis, benefited from the wheelchair that was offered to her by SSSD in Tartous. Monitored by ORVs in the village of al-‘Aleiqa, she was referred to the Medical Assistance Program.

Modern technology and smart devices are the necessities of modern life, but the addiction to their use causes many negative effects. Therefore, the Syrian Society for Social Development team in cooperation with the UNHCR helda session to protect the childrenand the youth group in Aqrab / Masyaf– Hama.

Because they are a class of the fabric of this society, and everyone has to accept them and try to integrate them in all aspects of life and services, and within the campaign carried out by the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with the UNHCR, on the occasion of the International Day of Down Syndrome, SSSD(Child Protection Team)held an awareness session on the need to accept children of Down syndrome and the risks of abuse and the need for attent

In order to secure the site of the water spring in the village of Hammam Wasel and offer denizens a safe space to enjoy the beauty of the scenery surrounding the spring, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) in Tartous, in cooperation with the village’s local community, implemented a special community-led initiative benefiting about 10,000 people.

In order to ensure proper learning conditions for school children in the village of Balghunes, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) in Tartous, in cooperation with the local community, implemented the Clean Is Safe community-led initiative.

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) provided the municipality of Jaramana City with solid garbage collection tools, under the umbrella of its WASH program.
SSSD team regularly visited the municipality, continuously meeting with the head of municipality and PIC, and upon conducting area needs assessment the following tools were bought: 240- liter plastic garbage containers, 100 street brooms, and 100 dustpans.

During a visit to the Deaf and Blind School in Hama City, many difficulties were discussed in the school's educational process.

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the UNHCR, held a closing ceremony for all VT courses held at al-Hameh in 2018. The ceremony included a video presentation of all the courses held, a drama performance and a dabké dancing show.

Because of the importance of integrating children with special needs with the normal children in the community center of house of family -Masiaf, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR and within the home rehabilitation program, hada merging activity after preparing the children and talk with them about on how to deal with a child with special needs