My dream came true

Zeina, The 12-years-old girl suffers from a disability in her feet, she is unable to move, she lives with her parents and siblings in the village Shat-ha , Hama, Her parents work in the agricultural land to secure the life requirements, her parents tried to get her back to school to complete her education and get her out of her situation , So her parents have to carry her and take her to school, but when they go to work, she stays at home alone and kip school.
The volunteers at the Syrian Society for Social Development \ Beit Al-Ward Community Center visited her home and when we talked to her parents, we found out that the economic situation of the family was bad. We referred Zeina to the medical aid file and registered her need to a wheelchair.
After a short while, we called her mother to the community center to receive the wheelchair. Her mother told us that when she sat on the chair, she was very happy and her feelings were indescribable. "I can move and go to my school like my siblings and friends” she said,
After a while we asked about her condition to find out that Zeina is not leaving the school where she will continue her education like the rest of her friends.