The Beautiful Picture

Ms.Siham, a 42-year-old resident of Douma who used to own a photography shop, is now a widow and mother to six children, whose ages range from primary school to college. She also has a missing nephew. Seven years ago, she was forced to flee from Douma to the ‘Adra Industrial Zone, after losing both home and shop, and was hosted by a family of her relatives.
When she betook herself to the SSSD community center in ‘Adra, Siham was clearly depressive. Her material want was mainly responsible for her deteriorating psychological condition. She was soon interviewed by the psychologist who referred her to the Small Business Grants Program in order to find a radical solution to her problem by securing her with a job that could sustain her and her children and offer the family a certain measure of autonomy.
Siham attended a training course in SMP creation and management. During the course, she was highly interactive with the coach thanks to her considerable past experience. After the course, she appeared before a committee and was selected to start up her own small business, namely that of a photography shop!
Once the business was launched, we visited Siham to follow up on her project. She was working hard to make it work and prosper.
She confirmed that her life had changed completely after the start of her business. Her material burdens receded and both her son and daughter could now leave work and resume college. Her psychological condition improved and her spirits rose high. She is more than motivated to develop her business—Beautiful Picture.
At the end of the visit, Siham expressed her heartfelt gratitude to SSSD for the services it offers to the community where she lives.