“Technology is Made for Us, Not Instead of Us” Campaign

"Through reading, I got to know many important historical figures - I read fascinating information about the planets and space. The library is extraordinary… I just love the books there!”. With these words, the children of the Bait Al Salam Center in Al Hameh expressed their happiness about the trip we organized to the Dummar Cultural Complex. The trip was carried out in cooperation with UNHCR, whereby 40 boys and girls were taken to a library within the Dummar Cultural Complex, in furtherance of the goals of the “Technology is Made for Us, Not Instead of Us” campaign. The aim of the latter was to help children discover new things, away from smart devices, and focus more on developing their talents and imrpve their social skills through various activities.

Furthermore, the children wandered during the visit throughout the library, and were helped in choosing the books they liked, whereby they had a delightful time while reading. Also, there were many challenging and intelligent games that children participated in solving.

At the end of the trip, a group of children prepared a play based on a novel they all read, and presented it in front of their friends using puppets. Thus, an atmosphere filled with joy and pleasure prevailed.