A success ninth-grade-students party

A success ninth-grade-students party

Because the success is the ultimate result of working hard,The Syrian Society for Social Development in Aleppo, in cooperation with the UNHCR office, held a celebration for the successful students who passed in the ninth grade exams, the party included paragraphs of art provided by children, followed by a range of entertainment games. The party ended with a paragraph of honoring the outstanding students and provide gifts for all the successful ones.
the students were happy enough due to the success, so they did not expect anyone to celebrated them, one of the children gave us flowers and said : " you deserve all the flowers in the world after what you did to us. I can't believe that after all of that, you also are celebrating us."
One of the girls asked the volunteers for a picture with them saying: (it is the first time someone throw me a part, and it happened to be with the teacher I love, I want a pic with you so I don't ever forget this day).
One of the children who had the informal exam said: (I am so excited to have the high school exam to see what you're going to do after this party).
On the day after the party, a mother came with some sweets to thank the volunteers for everything they gave to the children, especially as she refused for her daughter to attend the party, but after the volunteers insisted and promised to take her back, she agreed.

The girl thanked the volunteers as she left the party saying, "Thank you very much for the this special day. I felt special for the very first time"
The children expressed their happiness when they saw their pictures in the sessions ( oh , we can remember every picture, I feel this is my house that I find myself in).