Mother, Sweet Mother

Mother, Sweet Mother

In celebration of Mothers’ Day, and in appreciation of the role of mothers—a mother being the one who brings hope and makes us smile in life’s most difficult moments—, the SSSD team in Rural Damascus, in cooperation with UNHCR, held several recreational sessions on the occasion of Mothers’ Day within the Hear-My-Heart and Dhahab Atiq programs.
The sessions were attended by 243 women and men and were intended to bring joy and pleasure to their hearts and celebrate with them. The discussion touched upon the role of mothers in raising children on moral principles and was followed by various recreational activities, such as games, singing, buzuq and flute playing and poetry recitation by some men and children.
The beneficiaries greatly enjoyed the event, which encouraged them to revive family gatherings for celebration. Several wonderful talents were also discovered, in poetry, singing and music playing.